The Hole 9 Yards DVD

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3 Full Filthy Scenes Crammed Into One Juicy Hole Triga DVD 'The Hole 9 Yards'- yes that’s about right when you measure the arseholes of the two lads who get rodgered senseless in this brand new 3 parter. Top lad Baz is the proud owner of one massive donkey cock and his secret weapon- one huge black dildo and he’s got no time for messin’ about with formalities when he gets back from a cheeky week-long sunshine break in Turkey- he’s been grassed up by the neighbors and gets a visit from a Home Office geezer who wants to stick an on the spot fine on him. Baz’s got a better idea- sticking his massive tool where the sun doesn’t shine - right up the geezer’s tight arse. Before you know it the fine’s out the window and tight arse is getting fucked in every possible position you can imagine. Who says working for the government ain’t fun? And to round of Baz’s week, he’s getting well pissed off waiting for his broadband to get fixed- he’s missing his favorite online porn channels and he’s got 3 days worth of spunk saved up when the gobby young engineer finally comes round to fix it. And yes - you guessed it – Baz ain’t having none of it and before you can tick terms and conditions he’s got the repairman on his knees gagging on his massive great tool, warming him up until he’s begging to take it up the arse. In scene 3 we’ve selected Manchester’s fittest young plasterer for you to get an eyeful of - one solo you won’t forget in a hurry and enough spunk spattered about to re-plaster your living room with.
United Kingdom
Run Time:
150 minutes
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