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(S)exclusiv DVDR (NC)

Studio: Man's Best
In stock
SKU 08302D
(S)exclusiv opens with a handsome young guy asleep on his sofa. The doorbell wakes him and he rises to meet his guests. A young couple arrives and joins him on the sofa. The guy realizes that he's out of cigarettes and goes out to buy some. Meanwhile, the first guy flirts with the girl and before long they're making out. She removes his shirt and then hers. As he chews on her nipples, the bulge in his boxers proves he's already hard! She removes his boxers and begins sucking him hungrily. His boner points to the sky as she gives it a lengthy tongue bath. He removes his jeans and dives face-first into her muff, licking and fingering her into oblivion. The boyfriend returns with his smokes and although he's shocked to see them naked, he's easily convinced to join in...
This DVD will be delivered without plastic case. You will receive the disc and the inlay artwork.
Pit Anderson
Release Date
Oct 29, 2014
Run Time
60 Minutes
Man's Best