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Brand New And Available now. ROB DA BANK.....2 hours of brand new cock....We met one fit fucker over late summer! Well we met a few to be fair but this bloke proper blew us away! Caravan lad as he likes to be known popped down from Warrington on a bit of business and met up with one of our directors and all he’d go on about was his thick meaty ‘Greggs Stake Bake’ Now, to be fair we have certainly seens lots of them over the years but when this fella got it out in the pub toilet we knew he was taking the business.
Back at the pad he def put his words to the counter and bro it’s a fuckin first class piece of dinner….lunch and breakfast tbh if it’s on offer! PocketRocketG is at his King Majesty bed and breakfast at mo, not sure how long for but before he was nicked we had a catch up over a sneaky one and we’ll let’s just say it turned into filth! Take caravan lad and pocketrocket and good hungry lad Mike and well let’s just say it’s a fuckin major break in of a couple of willing holes after witnessing what happened!
United Kingdom
Run Time:
120 minutes
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