Pup-Tents DVDR (NC)

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A German twink classic on DVD back in stock! We kick off with two soccer-playing lads and the titular pup tent. One is a very pretty, slim, blond boy with a considerable shaving job done on him. He has a great ass. They play, they suck, they fondle and, as far as that goes, they both look delicious.

Two more boys stand side-by-side at the urinals playing with their cocks. It's a tearoom scene no less, between these attractive, dark-haired boys who are soon sucking and fucking right where they peed.

The next two fellas are the stars of this picture: very nice bodies and cocks, shaved pubes and nice scenery by a lake. They suck willy in an inflatable boat before the cuter of the two squats on his pal's dick, in ecstasy, for the best scene of this video.

Two more boys frolic in the lake. They are both pretty, young twinks who are soon hard and rolling on a bed. One boy takes a little dildo action before they both cum.

Finally a solo from the top in scene two. He strokes his cute little body whilst pumping a nice cock to effortless orgasm.

A twink-lover's DVD favorite!

Pierre, Hans, Gunter, Daniel, Mikal, Lars, Malcolm, Jonny 
Carmine Saco
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82 minutes
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