Lucky Lips DVDR (NC)

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Lucky Lips starts with a teen driving on a country road. He stops to pick up a guy and girl hitching - bad idea! They steal his car at gunpoint. Quick cut to the same girl waking up. Was the car-jacking only a dream? She makes out with her boyfriend in bed, sucks his cock to hard, then rides him, condom-free. He busts a big nut from his mega-thick boner and she voraciously sucks him. He stays hard and plows her until he nuts again. A magical cut finds the girl back in the stolen car. She leaves her gun-toting boyfriend after the car breaks down and encounters a young man sitting alone. They get acquainted and start making out. The handsome boyfriend finds them and joins in. Before long the guys are making out and the girl is chowing down on her beau's perfect 9-inch cock. The teen wants some of that beauty and chows down, while the boyfriend eats pussy. They head back to the stolen car and end up at her apartment. The girl and the teen take turns sucking that fabulous pecker. She eventually rides it, condom-free. The beau also plows her doggy-style, as she sucks the teen's cock. He pulls out to shoot volcanic streams of jizz. The teen fucks her til he nuts. Later, the slut entertains another monster-dicked stud. The stud slams his thick boner into her often travelled slash, deep and condom-free. Great close ups and penetration shots. He pulls out to coat her belly to end the video.
Pit Anderson
Man's Best
Run Time:
60 minutes
Release Date: