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An elaborate production with a significant amount of non-sex time, "Killing Me Softly" is the story of a New York City visitor who has an unexplained need to strangle his gay sex partners just as he's having an orgasm. In the process, we get to view some hot and some not so hot sex in a variety of locations. This is "old porn," boys. That means the men are natural and a bit hairier than you'll find today. But the sex is condomless, and that's always a treat.

Jack Wrangler and this killer hook up on a dock and they proceed back to Jack's place where they devour each other's bodies. Jack gets his rear pounded in a very aggressive fuck. The killer top never cums, nor does he kill Jack. Apparently, there's something special there. After some scenes from what appears to be a large gay gathering, the killer hooks up with another blond and they retreat to an abandoned building's bathroom where they get down and dirty. The blond sucks the killer's dick and jacks off his own large load. As this happens, the killer pulls out a jockstrap and strangles his partner. In yet another hookup with another blond guy, the two men suck, rim and fuck in probably the best scene of the video before the killer strangles his bottom just as he's cumming. The killer is clearly distraught, as he can't understand why he must kill. It's a compulsion to him. In a very novel scene, the killer hooks up with his next partner on the Brooklyn Bridge. His partner is a mustachioed runner, and they start fucking right there on the walkway as cars (and a bicyclist) go by in the background. There are some good underneath shots of a hairy, jockstrap-clad butt getting fucked. Again, as orgasm approaches, the killer pulls out a jockstrap and strangles his bottom. In the final scene, Jack reveals that he knows about his partner's compulsion, and they decide to make love one last time. It'll be the last time because Jack poisons their drinks. Jack gets royally plowed, and both men collapse in each other's arms to die.

This plot line had potential, but was totally convoluted and nonsensical. While the Brooklyn Bridge scene was hot because of its novelty, not much else about the sex was outstanding. Although this is very old film, there is some dialogue (and, of course, typical music from the '70s). This video definitely belongs in the classic category, although not for the quality of the sex, but for the flavor of the video and the era it takes you back to.

Jack Wrangler, Stanley Richards, David King, Guiseppe Welch, John Kovacs, Kurt Mann, Adam DeHaven, Lance Prentis, Snapper Foster, Derek Thurston 
Francis Ellie
United States
Cream of the Crop
Run Time:
60 minutes
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