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Jude is the only identifiable model in this video, chiefly because he graces the box cover. That's okay, though, because Jude is also the main reason to buy Jude's Law.

Dark-haired with a winning grin and two musical note tattoos on his pelvis (one above each hip), Jude is cute. Boy-band cute. He apparently enjoys what he's doing and shows genuine affection for his partners as well as the camera.

After 10 minutes of previews of other French Connection videos, the movie starts off with a solo performance by a cute, lithe, spiky-haired blonde. After slowly undressing and groping himself, the blond lays back on the bed, energetically stroking (and enjoying) himself before he shoots a nice load.

For the second scene, the video cuts abruptly to our star Jude and a dark-haired, taller friend making out on their knees on a bed. There is much caressing, nuzzling, and kissing through clothing, until Jude finally frees his friend's cock and gives it the oral attention it deserves. After a brief suck by his friend, Jude turns his oral skills to his partner's cock until it's upright and ready. Jude then sheathes it with a condom, applies lube to it and himself, and climbs on for a long, durable ride. The camera angles here offer excellent views of the faces of the two performers as Jude bounces enthusiastically while his partner is lost in dreamy ecstasy. Jude rides facing his friend, then facing away from him, cumming while continuing to ride the iron rooster. He then pulls off and helps his partner pull off, too.

The next scene consists of a solo by a brown-haired, college-aged guy with a ribbon tattoo on his left arm who writhes all over his bed until he pumps himself to orgasm.

Scene four finds Jude and another dark-haired guy walking on the beach for just a few moments before a quick cut has them making out on yet another bedroom set. This scene follows the same formula as Jude's first romp in scene two, only adding a short sixty-nine between the two participants. Again, Jude lubes up his partner's cock and climbs aboard, proving that he likes to be on top when there's a dick beneath him. The duo separates to stroke themselves to creamy climaxes.

The next scene has the brown-haired college guy who solo in scene three joining a dark-haired playmate in the shower. If these two were a little heavier with some more muscle tone, this scene could be mistaken for one in a Bel Ami video. The two move from mutual blowjobs in the shower to fucking in yet another bed, with the dark-haired guy topping the brown-haired guy doggy style. Brown-hair comes while being fucked, right before his back is lathered with his partner's spooge.

The sixth and final scene has Jude's partner in the second scene naked and making out with a friend in yet another ambiguous bedroom. As if by magic, more guys (including Jude) come in one by one through the bedroom door and join in the action. (Is this bungalow for rent?) The party stops at six, with much sucking and synchronized fucking (including jockey Jude riding one of the stallions), culminating in some decent money shots.

As far as the production values are concerned, they're better than a high-budget Man's Best video but not as good as an average Bel Ami one. All the scenes are well lit, with some camera angles that are truly inspired, and there is some natural sound, but more often than not the audio fights with the canned music or just gives up and lets the music win.

Jude, Ethan, Jason, C. J., Marco, Dean 
United States
Blue Star Films
Run Time:
72 minutes
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