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Belo Amigo Video
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This video should definitely not be confused with the 'family values' sitcom of yesteryear with a similar name. In this case, what "Father" knows best is hot Brazilian twinks getting it on. Please note: the "Father" of the title wears a clerical collar.

Returning to a room with a very small twin bed, Gino and Ronaldo lay on the bed. Both twinks are dark haired and attractive. Ronaldo is slightly more muscular with a nipple piercing, Gino is slimmer with a patch of chest hair and a flawless face They are joined by the absolutely adorable Reggie (who is what I would picture if Eric Matthews of Cobra video had an older brother). Some kissing and various combinations of blowing each other lead to some decent anal scene positions. For the most part throughout the video, the anal penetration was captured close up. Although the scenes aren't as long as might be expected, the action is generally very visible. They pretty much take turns doing each other, and finally Gino lays on the bed and they all take turns climaxing on him.

William, Lucky, Ronaldo, Gino, Manuel, Reggie, Peter, Aeginaldo 
Belo Amigo Video
Run Time:
85 minutes
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