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In Cupids, some of Latvia's hottest young studs gather together for this light, fun and sexy title, including the devilishly innocent looking Jay Renfro and hot Robert Driveman. It seems that Cupid has retired and the gods are in the process of choosing his replacement. The two semi-finalists are sent to earth as a final test of their cupid abilities. Once on earth, the mischievous sprites begin hooking up hunky young stud after hunky young stud. The couples are cute and the sex is pretty hot. It all climaxes with the two competitors fucking and sucking as part of a tie-breaking competition to determine who has more passion and, hence, shall become the new Cupid. Ultimately, love wins out as the little Cupids request to be made mortal and sent to earth to live together as lovers. The cute factor along with the Enya-like soundtrack may be a deterrent for some people, but the cute boys and the hot sex more than make up for it.
Jay Renfro, George Steel, Marcellini, Anebi, Jude Lowe, Leev Lale, Alex Semy, Martin Star, Paulo Filippi, Sonny Silver, Samuel Dolce, Bruno Image, Steeve Sanders, Robert Driveman, Lucky Smile 
Czech Republic
Man's Best
Run Time:
120 minutes
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