Capoeira 14 DVD (NC)

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Capoeira 14 DVD is much like its predecessors, focusing on young Brazilians who practice the eponymous, traditional combination of dance and martial arts - before getting down to hard-core, outdoor sex.

This being Brazil, all the guys are in good shape, with lithe bodies, big (and in some cases, huge) cocks, and young, handsome, mostly mixed-race faces. Each scene begins with the young men practicing their capoeira moves (sometimes pretty ineptly!) in a tropical outdoor setting, before stripping off their drawstring pants and getting down to the REAL business. There's no music track, so all you hear is the live sound of their grunts, moans and ball-slaps. The countryside looks pretty rural, the boys just happen to have a bit of patio furniture nearby at all times - especially a little table that comes in for some heavy use, as the boys throw each other on top of it and fuck the feijoada out of each other.

Things get started with a steamy pairing between a somewhat older, tattooed muscleman, who hooks up with a slender beauty. The contrast between this kid's dark hair, thick eyebrows and equally thick lashes, and his pale skin is striking. He and his beefier buddy kiss and trade blowjobs; then the kid bends over for the muscle man's fat cock. They go at it in a couple of positions, until the muscleman decides he wants a try, and sits on the kid's rockhard meat. Then he throws the kid on the table and finishes him off: flip-flop-flip.

In our next scene, two lissome, mostly-black guys get it on. Like their predecessors, they're versatile. But the rhythm of the film has been established, and it's started to get a little routine. Neither the sex nor the camerawork in these scenes is imaginative or surprising: the guys are hot, they do know what they're doing (which is a welcome change of pace from many foreign videos), and it's easy enough to get involved - you'll get off, but you won't get carried away. Scene three is a solo - a slender kid whacks off in the rainforest. Pretty, but dull.

Scene four heats up, with a three-way that again makes use of that little square table. One of the boys here is a rich mahogany color, and he's got a fabulous body. He's an enthusiastic top, though he seems to have a little trouble working out the balance and leverage as he takes one buddy from behind, while the third buddy feeds the bottom his cock. Then they switch, with mahogany boy getting sucked and the third buddy fucking the bottom, until everybody cums.

The final scene is pretty strong, featuring two beefy guys: one of the cocks is big, and the other is huge. The (comparatively) smaller of the two manfully takes his buddy's thick meat up his ass, but when it's his turn to return the favor, you can see that topping is his true calling. He peppers his buddy's hole with quick strokes.

None of the models is identified - there's a list of names, but no way to figure which name matches which model. This is curious, since one of the video's extra features is called "Meet the Models": apparently you can contact the producers, who offer to set you up on a date with these boys.

Lauro Giotto, Karl Ben, Waldir, Jone, Joao Paulo, Victor, Julio, Andre, Don 
Nelson De Oliveira
Black & Tan
Run Time:
90 minutes
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